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Tree in the Brisk Snowlight

This past weekend I visited New York City with Matt, Jeremy, and Jennifer. It was my first visit, and it was awesome. I'll spare everyone the overly verbose trip diary, so here's a summary of our activities in bullet form:


  • Flew standby out of ATL into JFK with Matt and Jeremy, which is amazing since Atlanta snow had caused roughly half the flights to NYC to be canceled
  • Ate pizza at the Penn Station metro stop. Tipped $2 to a busboy who held a table for us.
  • Goggled at the lights in Times Square, stopping in several stores
  • Walked to our hostel to meet Jen and attempt sleep amidst heavy snoring


  • Ate breakfast at a great local diner for the first of three times
  • Visited Rockefeller Center (30 Rock) and rode the elevator up to the top for an awesome view of Manhattan
  • Marveled at Grand Central Station and the nearby Chrysler building
  • Wandered through a market at Union Square, complete with excellent hot apple cider
  • Chinatown!
  • Took the Staten Island Ferry to and from Staten Island as we watched the sunset behind the Statue of Liberty
  • Ate dinner at Les Halles, for "American Beef" with "French Style"
  • Walked through the ritzy neighborhood near the High Line


  • Traveled through Central Park over snow and ice, dodging sledders at high speed
  • Wore out our feet in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Ate lunch at Serafina - excellent ravioli, but too small portions!
  • Returned for more of the Met
  • Bid farewell to Jen and headed to Brooklyn
  • Joined a dozen other photogs just north of the Brooklyn Bridge (on the Brooklyn side) to shoot sunset photos of Manhattan, with great success
  • Bought chocolate and ate pizza under the bridge
  • Walked back to Manhattan over the windy, frigid, beautiful bridge
  • Returned to 30 Rock to watch ice skaters


  • Walked to 5th Avenue, visiting the Apple store and FAO Schwarz
  • Hotpot in Chinatown!
  • Bid farewell to Matt and Jeremy, heading to La Guardia for my return flight home


  • Kyle
  • February 17, 2010
  • 8:20 pm
anthony bourdain's restaurant, awesome!
  • Matt Malone
  • February 18, 2010
  • 1:52 pm
Monday, continued (for me and Jeremy):

* Walked around Little Italy and got foot massages in Chinatown.
* Went back to the NBC Store in Rockefeller Center.
* Browsed Midtown Comics.
* Bought Amtrak tickets for the next day.


* Walked around the lower west side amidst heavy snow.
* Ate seven hot dogs total at Gray's Papaya.
* Left for Boston via hypnotic winter train.
* Toured a very sloshy/icy MIT campus.
* Ate at a pub nearby with Tom.


* Walked through a winter wasteland to get to Logan Airport.
* Jeremy leaves at 10:30 am for Atlanta; Matt leaves at 7:00 pm.
  • Ethan
  • February 18, 2010
  • 3:12 pm
Woo! Next time we'll have to spend more time in Boston, and in warmer weather.
haha, i love how matt added on in the comments. also, according to jeremy, he had five hot dogs at gray's papaya, which means... matt, you only ate two?? sad.
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