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Jennifer, Matt, Smitha, Moshe and I visited "Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park" (What's the official nickname? Can we just use "Encore Park"?) to see the ASO play La Bohéme. I enjoyed it, but I must say that I'm more likely to appreciate purely symphonic pieces. The vocal parts of operas tend to become stale after a while, in my opinion, and they mask the instruments to the point that you can barely hear them.

On the other hand, the venue is amazing, and I'm really glad we sat in the lawn section. Sometimes it was tough to get comfy (do I lay down or sit up?), but the weather was great and it all felt more social, as a spectator, than a typical concert.


  • Matt M.
  • August 1, 2008
  • 6:01 pm
You had a lot harder time staying comfortable than the rest of us. I thought the venue and opera were great, and I also thought that the music shined in the last act. I call it Encore Amphitheatre. You should too. :P
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