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Power Supply Shadowplay

The OCZ power supply, like the CPU fan, has a blue LED. Of course, blue LEDs are all the rage these days. It makes me wonder if they'll be something that dates electronics in the future, like the avocado green and ugly orange colors that were so popular for appliances in the 70s. "Eww, this is another one of those old things with the blue lights." Do you think we'll move on to purple or cyan in the future, as LED technology evolves new and strange colors?

Anyway, I like the hex design. It matches the design aesthetic of Hydrous 1.0, which was way back in the day. Ah, memories.


haha. i remember hydrous 1.0. nostalgia...
  • Matt M.
  • March 17, 2008
  • 1:36 pm
When are computer electronics going to go the way of plasma? Beautiful gooey mess that's hot to the touch? Watch out 2020! Orange plasma's coming your way!
I taped up all my LED display lights on the computer since they were keeping me up at night. The green LEDs don't bother me-- but the blue ones-- maybe they're just brighter.

Neat that it hits the wall like that. Must be a cool backdrop for late night computering.
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